From 1971 to 1985, L.A. Felder was the developer and primary person in charge of architectural changes in the Granada Hills & Estates neighborhood.  In 1986, he signed over his architectural control of the 7 sections in Granada Hills & Estates and put them in the oversight of 3 people with whom he trusted, and it was thereafter known as the Granada ACC.  At that time, he also gave the Granada HOA (a voluntary homeowners association), the appeal authority so that if a homeowner was not happy with a decision of the Granada ACC, they could appeal it to the Granada HOA.  That document is known as "the Felder Letter".


The Granada ACC was charged with the task of providing developmental insight to people in Granada Hills & Estates and guiding them to make the design decisions that would keep them in line with the requirements of the original deed restrictions for their property that were spelt out in the restrictive covenants.  These are a matter of law.


For the subsequent 30 years, from 1986 until recenlty, the 3 person volunteer committee did its duty; reviewing plans and changes to property and advising neighbors on how best to meet the deed restrictions for the neighborhood.  On occasion, the ACC had to smooth over issues between neighbors, because apparently some people just don't get along.   Some of the volunteers were very good at what they were doing and they helped people understand the ramifications of their decisions.  The entire list of volunteers is here.


To be continued ...